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[hylafax-users] Phase B, Cypheus, Redmon and my contrib

To everyone who need Redmon and win clients. Maybe this info is out of date
for most of you but for begginners like me are gold:)
During tests with Cypheus and Redmon i verified this: using the default
option my modem gives me a Phase B Error. How i fix this? Choosing the
option in Printers->Options->Postscript and select Encapsulated Post
Script. The print driver that i'm using now is a HP Laserjet 4/4M
Postscript because i had some problems with the Apple and i read few
comments where people complaim(in the WHFC web page too)about this. My
Phase B disappears:).  For now i only have a problem with Cypheus. Viewing
the ps files. Cypheus hangs. any idea out there? Well update the info
then:). My problem with Outlook was a little problem:) Michael  Engelhart
help me saying: edit your /etc/mail/access and out there (IP number...)
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx  RELAY. This week i will start the integration of Hylafax
with Lotus Notes and AS400. When finnished this i will sent to here a

Pedro Roçadas procadas@creditus.pt

" I kiss you! " says Mahir http://members.nbci.com/primall/mahir/

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