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Re: [hylafax-users] Phase B, Cypheus, Redmon and my contrib

Dear Dean,

> I memory serves me Cypheus need a Samba share to look at
> received fax.  You could share the recvq directory

Cypheus only needs a Samba share, if HylaFAX doesn't store received
faxes in the default folder "/recvq". Cypheus can grab any fax out
of recvq folder without using a shared folder, if "RecvFileMode" in
/etc/config.<device> is set to 0644.

Best Regards

Bodo Noering Consulting
Zur Alten Faehre 23  D-45219 Essen
Phone +49-2054-971790  Fax +49-2054-971791
bn@urania.com  http://www.urania.com

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