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[hylafax-users] AS400 handicap

Scenario: users sent faxes to a printer, take the prints and send them
using the fax machine. Lost of time and paper. Incomming faxes after well
received are printed immedeatly  Acording with HowTo
http://www.hylafax.org/howto/faxing.php#ss5.6 Faxing from Samba this can
be done easely. Unfortunaly, some how, my printjobs abort, all of them. Our
AS400 guys cannot tell me wich file format AS400 use. But this is
unncessary, i think, acording with what our AS400 guys told me. In AS400
every printer is configured like a remote printer. Like Samba and Windows.
In AS400 we can have a HPLaser4 printer and the remote printer is a XEROX
Docuprint. The problem is i need to have 2 prints configured in my hylafax
server. One to print the incomming faxes and the other to sent the faxes.
I'm sure this can be done in Linux but it's a bit confusing because in the
HowTo they say to remove ANY print configuration from the printcap. If i
can put this thing working the AS400 integration will be possible. Lotus
Notes is for a next chapter:)))

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