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[hylafax-users] sent one fax.. hylafax tries to send 2


First off, hylafax is the most amazing coolest fax
program I have come across.  I've implemented
it for two companies in the last week and after
using laserfax and hydrafax for the last few year,
this is a breath of fresh air... and the right price as
well!   I only have one problem at the moment...
I think it's to do with sending international faxes
as it only happens when the prefix of the number
is 00 or at least 001 does it.  The problem is when I send a
fax to the US I put the number in.. I'm using
whfc to print the fax.  The fax gets sent and
I get an email confirmation that it was sent,
then I get another email saying that the fax to
001   failed.  001 is the first part of the fax number
when I send a fax to the states.  I only send the
fax once, but this pretty much comes up every
time.  It fails, so it isn't a big deal, but I'd like
to clean it up if there is something I'm doing wrong

Thanks....  hydrafax is very cool... I can now send
faxes from anywhere I've got an IP connection
and I don't have to pay the phone bill or go
thru all the crap of claiming my phone bills
on expenses... I just use the company I'm
working for that day to send the fax using
their phone line.



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