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[hylafax-users] faxgetty sucking up too much memory

I've been asked to look at this problem for someone and I was wondering
if anyone has seen this situation before.

Short term, I was going to tell them to stop running faxgetty since
they aren't using this to receive faxes anyway.

faxgetty has been on this machine for a donkey's age and hasn't acted
up before.  I am getting more info, if it will help.

This was one of the distributed RPMs will some slight mods to support
lisa on Caldera instead of chkconfig.

> > hylafax-4.1beta2-2 on Caldera OpenLinux(TM) Version 2.2 
> Oh, fart!!  What other services are there on that box?  Perhaps we
> should just upgrade them to RedHat :)

is going to put an additional 128 MB of RAM in the machine which should help,
in fact if we're lucky it may flat out solve it but God knows how much RAM
faxgetty would be happy with ... it may just continually eat away until it's
all gone.

  738 uucp       0   0 81200  33M    40 S       0  0.0 54.8   0:00 faxgetty

It seems to be using less real RAM now although it's total size continues to
grow ...
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