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Re: [hylafax-users] 10% broken while receive

At 02:34 PM 3/7/01 +0100, LAZAR Imre wrote:
>Hi, Fax-users.
>I use hylafax, in a company which receives hundeds faxes a day.
>5-10 percent of the received faxes are broken.
>It's a big trouble for us.
>The current version is 4.1beta2cvs_2000_02_13
>The tiff version is 3.5 from debian potato.
>The problem is the same with the 3.4.
>I tried the 4.1beta3, but the old more MPS/EOP problem comes back,
>making a sleepless night for me:). bug #99

So you get MPS/EOP with 4.1beta3, but *not* with CVS_2000_02_13?  The
source is nearly identical in this regard, I thought.  Where did you get
4.1beta2cvs_2000_02_13 ?  Maybe they patched it with something.

>The modems are rockwell, class1, with a moxa 8port card.
>Are there any posibilities to resolve that problem?
>Here is a log about a 4 pages fax, 3 page is broken.

The log you supplied is not showing the error.  You need to change
SessionTracing to 0xFFF in your config file and then restart faxgetty.


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