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Re: [hylafax-users] Waiting for modem to come ready.

At 11:16 AM 3/8/01 -0800, Richard Reina wrote:
>I was able to send one fax.  All following attempts gave me:
>waiting for modem to come ready.  From the archives I learned that a
>solution for this is to run faxgetty before starting hylafax. So I 
>started ( or tried to start faxgetty) /usr/sbin/faxgetty /dev/ttyS1
>then killed hfaxd and faxq.  When I ran ps aux I did not see it running
>so I tried again to start: result my shell prompt hangs. CTRL-C unwedges
>it but faxgetty still does not appear to be started.
>I am running redhat 7.0

Did you install the RPM?  If so, then you need to add faxgetty to your
/etc/inittab file.

If you run faxgetty from the command line, the shell prompt will hang, as
you're running faxgetty and faxgetty is waiting for communication.  The
proper syntax, though, for faxgetty is without the /dev/, like this:

/usr/sbin/faxgetty ttyS1

You don't need to kill hfaxd or faxq when restarting faxgetty, and you will
need to start them up again before you can send another fax.

Look at the instructions at:  http://www.hylafax.org/howto/install.php#ss2.2

The rest of the HOWTO is quite informative, too.


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