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Re: [hylafax-users] Waiting for modem to come ready.

At 05:55 PM 3/8/01 +1100, Support wrote:

>It appears that Redhat 7.0 has many problems when it comes to running

I haven't noticed this.  I have installed fax servers several times now
using RedHat 7.0 (I use the RedHat errata updates, of course), and I
haven't noticed any HylaFAX problems because of it.

>I had similar problems and was just the way the hylafax was installed IE
rpm or
>tar.gz. I compiled it manually and got it to work. After tring the rpm

Unless you have reconfigured your default RedHat installation, the RPMs
should not only be easier to use, but they should also be better to use, in
that your installation will be consistent with other RedHat users, and also
because you get all of the great OS-specific installation tidbits that the
packager includes.

>But the problem I still have is that ALL faxes received are incorrect file
>format so they can't be viewed or printed or anything.

And now you see the value in using the RPM.  You've got a one-of-a-kind
installation that is behaving differently than it should.  That makes it
hard to diagnose.  But, you can take the fax one step at a time and see if
the fault is with HylaFAX or Ghostscript or what.  You know, it wouldn't
surprise me that if you hadn't updated your gcc by the time you did the
compilation that faxgetty (or whatever it is that writes the tiff file)
isn't thinking straight.

> But when it comes to
>send using the provided coverpage all goes well but I can't change the

Make it in tgif and mark the intended dynamic text somehow, print it to EPS
file, edit it with a text editor to change the dynamic text from quoted
text to variables by removing the parenthesis.  See:


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