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Re: [hylafax-users] Modem not dial

At 12:47 PM 3/8/01 -0300, Celio wrote:
>   Hi Srs,   Help me please. I am trying to send a fax with hylafax and 
>accurs any errors.   0. My OS is Lunux RedHat 2.x 1. The installation of
>hylafax is Ok 2. The modem installation is Ok (I use the modem to access 
>internet - is fine - USRobotics 33.6)   When I use the command:   # sendfax
>-f "root@polo.pneus" -R -r "test" -d  "Recipient@32912063" /etc/passwd   I
>receive the  message:   request id is 9 (group 9) for host localhost (1 
>file)    but nothing happen! The  modem do not dial.   What I do?   Thaks!

Are you running faxgetty or faxmodem?

What version of HylaFAX do you use, and are you *seriously* using RedHat
2.x?  (I'm contemplating a libtiff problem.)


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