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[hylafax-users] send incomplete faxes

i have a fax server that is using rh6.0 kernel 2.2.5-15 hylafax-4.0pl2-3rh5.rpm

all was running fine until i rebooted the machine. now when faxes are sent 
random pages a incomplete some
are missing just a few lines others are mostly incomplete.

i have tried changing the config.cua# file from flow control xonxoff to 
rtscts and this appeared to work for a few days but then went back to the 
same problem.

errors in the logs that i am getting are
send failed: ring detect without successful handshake
Send Failed: no answer (t.30 T1 timeout)
Send Failed: no answer (t.30 T1 timeout); too many attempts to dial

when i read the xferfaxlog i can see that when i send to my fax machine i 
am seeing either busy signals or giving up after 3 attempts but i know the 
fax machine wasn't being used

it appears to be a flow control problem but i haven't been able to rectify 
it. i have swapped modems - no joy.

the system was running fine for 6months with no changes taking place 
anywhere on the machine.
prior to this problem


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