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[hylafax-users] Need some advice,

Hello HylaFax users,

I am using Redhat 7.0 with the HylaFAX RPM.
It works fine as far as I can see.
My questions is:
We are in a small  office and what we want to do is
to get few diffrent fax numbers but all of them go
to one fax line.
Ex: 233-1234 , 233-1235, 233-1236, 233-1237
and all these numbers go to 233-1234.
Now every single employee has his own fax number assigned
to him.
Let's say John's fax number is: 233-1235
Eric's fax number is: 233-1236
Marc's fax number is: 233-1237
And all these faxes go to 233-1234.
How can I tell HylaFax if John receives an incoming fax
to go to /var/spool/fax/recvq/John
If Marc receives an incoming fax go to /var/spool/fax/recvq/Marc
and so on,, also how to setup the e-mail notification for each user.
So, when John logs in, he knows there is a fax for him.
If Marc logs in, he knows there is a fax for him.

I hope I am explaining myself clrearly.
Any help is welcome.



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