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[hylafax-users] Received fax is different from original

Attached is 2 tiff files. The "Oringinal.tif" is the original. In a Win98
box, printed to Apple LaserWrite PS, WHFC and faxed to another telephone
line (and modem) attached to the same machine, and received the 2nd file
"FAX from +852 .....tif".
Take a look at the files, the received one got some image bits missing. I
tried to print it as a file using the same device driver, (printed to ps
file, and convert again to pdf file) it looks exactly the same as the
original.  I also tried to send directly using "sendfax -n -d ########
original.tif in linux", it works fine, too. So, probably the problem is the
ps to fax routine which seems lightened the fax. If you like, you could try
the same and see whether or not getting the same result. Any comment?

Best Regards
Jason Kwok


FAX from +852 at 2001_03_11 15_39_30.tif

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