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Re: [hylafax-users] Received fax is different from original

At 03:54 PM 3/11/01 +0800, Jason Kwok wrote:
>Attached is 2 tiff files. The "Oringinal.tif" is the original. In a Win98
>box, printed to Apple LaserWrite PS, WHFC and faxed to another telephone
>line (and modem) attached to the same machine, and received the 2nd file
>"FAX from +852 .....tif".
>Take a look at the files, the received one got some image bits missing. I
>tried to print it as a file using the same device driver, (printed to ps
>file, and convert again to pdf file) it looks exactly the same as the
>original.  I also tried to send directly using "sendfax -n -d ########
>original.tif in linux", it works fine, too. So, probably the problem is the
>ps to fax routine which seems lightened the fax. If you like, you could try
>the same and see whether or not getting the same result. Any comment?

Jason, it's probably not appropriate to attach non-ascii files to this
mailing list...

But, I just sent your original tiff using RelayFax client, and there is no
image quality loss in the transmission.  Checking this with Cypheus
wouldn't be difficult, either, but I tend to believe that the problem is
related with WHFC or your WHFC-printer driver configuration.


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