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Re: [hylafax-users] AW: option RTNHandlingMethode no longer available?

At 08:45 PM 3/13/01 +0100, Bernd Proissl wrote:

>> Looks like a SuSE HylaFAX binary version, right?  If so, then the answer is
>> no, it does not have RTNHandlingMethod.  (SuSE never used CVS snapshots,
>> and only applied patches like tiff-3.5-interfaces... not even Dmitry's
>> There are new 4.1beta3 binaries for SuSE on ftp.hylafax.org  Read the
>> README if you use them.
>Lee, where was it/will it be announced that SuSE compatible stuff is on
>I wanted to merge current CVS with the SuSE diffs which caused me some
trouble when
>i did it last time about some months ago.
>Who made the binaries? Did he/she apply/modify the SuSE specific patches?

I made them.  The README details the differences between mine and SuSE's.
I could have done more work with the init script and associated start/stop
links, but I didn't spend the time, and I don't think that SuSE's own RPM
did that, either.

Basic differences in this binary from SuSE's:  I didn't include the SuSEFax
patch or their default coverpage.  Also, they include a patch for gawk,
which may be appropriate, but I didn't include it.  (I'm not fond of
crossing package boundaries like that, but HylaFAX's awk scripts seem to
work fine anyway.)  Then there is a directory change to bring SuSE binary
installations in-line with RedHat binary installations (/usr/share/fax, I

There were a lot of security patches that SuSE was applying to 4.1beta2.
All of those security fixes were committed to CVS a long time ago, mostly
by Robert.  They're present in 4.1beta3 codebase.  Their patch then, was
essentially SuSE customization rather than any *needed* configuration.

The SRPM uses RPM macros which require you to upgrade your RPM version to
build the RPMs from my SRPM (not to use the binaries, though).  My
intention in making the binaries was simply to provide 4.1beta3 binaries
for SuSE users (who have had to suffer with 4.1beta2 source since July 1999
because SuSE didn't ever use CVS).  If you can improve upon my work, or if
you can build better binaries independently, then go ahead, and let's get
them on the ftp site instead.



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