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Re: [hylafax-users] request volunteers for bash scripts

Ok. I must be carefull with my posts:-))). Tho whom that replied to my
thinking that i'm trying configure a printer it's not that, but thanks
anyway:). The problem.I can't use the Samba script developed by Ignace Suy
with AS400(AS400 don't use NT OS :-))) ). So, after sent few emails i
received a great reply from Carey Evans from N. Zeland where he talked
about the LPR support on AS400. all i need is put the linux box accepting
remote requests. But all the files sent from AS400, depending wich print
driver used, are in DATA or PCL format. Yes, i use the FILE command. I
don't know wich type DATA it is but have alot of ^M and ^ABCD garbage, that
mens ALOT of work to clean:). From AS right now i only send simple text
file but i will need put there our company logo...more trouble finding the
image code. The PCL format have less control types to clean so i must start
with him. Right now i don't know if AS400 is able to print PS files(waiting
for info from our AS vendor UPDATE:only PCL as much they can say...). In
http://as400service.ibm.com/ i downloaded print drivers for linux but i
don't make any test yet. About what Giulio said "Note that usually rh
filters do the opposite: PS -> PCL." i think(note that i haven't check well
how rh filters work ) this not aplies when we configure a generic PS
printer using PRINTTOOL. If you check printcap file you can see a line like
this if=/usr/lib/rhs/rhs-filters/master-filter. If we have a PS printer why
the well the filter will use PCL? And if we print from a simple text editor
from linux the filter turn it to PCL? The RH filters are GPL? This last
question is important! In the print filter MASTER-FILTER they point to the
*.fpi files. I saw xpto-to-ywz.fpi filters but none for PCL-to-PS. In the
other side in master-filter you can see the use of troff to discover the
magic file and one is PCL *grin*. Anyway, if a team will not be created i
need a script to deal with PCL so, i will not give up.

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