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[hylafax-users] hyla - keeps trying again and again and again...

I can't faxrm <jobid> while sendfax is trying to send. Doing so results in a
pending command line. After it's finished it's first attempt, i do faxrm
<jobid>. I see that the jobid is removed, but it starts a new <jobid+1>. If I
delete this job, it starts jobid1+1). I then assumed that it would be best to
let sendfax execute all the 12 of 12 tries. But after it was finish with nr 12
it started <jobid2+1>. Deleting <jobid2+1>  resulted in automaticly starting
<jobid3+1>. Never the less did I only send one fax, deleted a job and send fax
nr 2. Killing all prosesses and restarting hylafax made it just continue with
the attemps from before the killing.

Don't ask me why, but at the end I got an error about modem power, check modem.
and the attempts stopped. But I could send a regular fax via the modem, there
was no error.

Murphy's law : Anything breaks, aslong you fiddle long enough with it...

Giulio Orsero wrote:

> On Wed, 14 Mar 2001 11:18:27 GMT, you wrote:
> >>> Even after I did faxrm <jobnr> it keeps trying.
> >>This is not, are you really really sure?
> >
> >It happens to me too:-)). Maybe the number of pages? My file had 19 pages i
> >think. I run faxrm but notjing happens too.
> Are you saying you issue
> faxrm <jobid>
> while the modem is idle and the job is removed, but HylaFAX  keeps
> sending it when it's scheduled (ie after 3 minutes)?
> or that you do
> faxrm <jobid>
> while the fax is being sent and the command does not return?
> This is more normal.
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> giulioo@pobox.com
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