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Re: [hylafax-users] request volunteers for bash scripts

On Wed, 14 Mar 2001 11:02:03 GMT, you wrote:

>don't make any test yet. About what Giulio said "Note that usually rh
>filters do the opposite: PS -> PCL." i think(note that i haven't check well
>how rh filters work ) this not aplies when we configure a generic PS
The meaning was:
you have PCL files and, if they are complex, the only way to fax them is
to convert them to PS (if they were simple you could do some escape
sequences substitution, like I do); you talked about rh printfilters and
I just wanted to warn you that there's no script that does PCL->PS; they
do PS->PCL _when_ _needed_; there was a discussion sometime ago and
noone had a solution to do PCL->PS, so you should look if as400 can do

>From AS right now i only send simple text
>file but i will need put there our company logo..
In my case, my input files are simple PCL files with a few, known escape
sequences for the font pitch. I preprocess them converting the escapes
to enscript macros, add the logo (with enscript), and fax the resulting
PS file.


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