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Re: [hylafax-users] AW: option RTNHandlingMethode no longer available?

At 11:08 PM 3/14/01 +1100, Robert Colquhoun wrote:
>At 08:45 PM 3/13/01 +0100, Bernd Proissl wrote:

>>Who made the binaries? Did he/she apply/modify the SuSE specific patches?
>Most of the Suse patches (or equivalents) should be in the main source 
>tree.  There are a couple missing(like IP source routing which i could not 
>get working portably).

I didn't notice IP source routing in the patch, but I may have not looked
deep enough.

>If someone wants to compare the 2 trees, it would be appreciated.

I did as I made the spec file, and it appeared to me that you had gotten
all of the patches applied.  If there was something skipped, like IP source
routing, then I didn't see it.

>PS Lee, the faxguy@deanox.com address is bouncing for me.

Still?  I seem to be getting mail through fine.  My connectivity monitor
says that we didn't go down, either.  Thanks for the heads up.


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