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[hylafax-users] getting sendmail to work with hylafax

Hi I am trying to get hylafax to work with sendmail.  Sendmail is handing the email off to faxmail but the phone is always 78 no matter what number is given in the email to address.  I added to my sendmail.mc 

define(`FAX_MAILER_ARGS',`faxmail -d -n -p 12 pt $u@$h $f')dnl

feature allmasquerade is NOT on.

part of the log:

Mar 14 12:03:32.13: [26964]: DIAL 78
Mar 14 12:03:32.13: [26964]: <-- [7:ATDT78\r]
Mar 14 12:04:35.11: [26964]: --> [8:+FHNG: 4]
Mar 14 12:04:35.11: [26964]: REMOTE HANGUP: Ringback detected, no answer (timeou
t) (code 4)

I search the hylafax website but I couldn't turn up anything.

Thank you.

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