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Re: [hylafax-users] getting sendmail to work with hylafax

jchiodi@amsite.com writes:

> Hi I am trying to get hylafax to work with sendmail.  Sendmail is
> handing the email off to faxmail but the phone is always 78 no matter
> what number is given in the email to address.  I added to my
> sendmail.mc
> define(`FAX_MAILER_PATH',`/usr/bin/faxmail')dnl
> define(`FAX_MAILER_ARGS',`faxmail -d -n -p 12 pt $u@$h $f')dnl
> MAILER(`fax')dnl

We only had this the other week. Hylafax is trying to dial a canonical
number, in this case PT.

In the definition of FAX_MAILER_ARGS just remove the white space in
between -p 12 pt, it should read -p 12pt

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