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[hylafax-users] Cypheus hangs on ps documents

i'm trying to set up a small fax server using hylafax+cypheus. When i
submit a fax from cypheus everything goes ok, but when i try to view the
ps document i have sent then cypheus hangs and after a while i get a
"permission denied" message. At this point cypheus opens the local copy of
the ps file, ghostview is loaded with some error messages,but after
all the local copy is displayed even if this one is truncated at the top.
If i get a look in the /var/spool/fax/docq directory i see that the .ps
file is rw only by the owner (uucp) but not by the sender!
I gues this is the point: when a fax is sent and the .ps created inthe
docq this work is done by the fax owner (uucp) and so the file is created
with the owner umask. So i think i have to change the umask for uucp,
right? But how? :(
Can anyone help me?

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