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[hylafax-users] WHFC Client Fax sending

Hi all!

I have installed a Hylafax version 4beta3 (2.8 I guess) for RH7 and it works very fine from the linux box (ie. I can send and receive fax with no problem).

When I try to send a fax from a Win2000 (as well as Win98) using WHFC I see happening something wrong:

I create a HP 4M postscript printer connected to WHFCFax port, open a word session, print to the fax, get the WHFC mask of data input and send the fax.
From the server side, I see the fax arriving, I hear the modem dialing and handshaking with the fax (with all debug session on syslog), and as they agree on everything, instead of seeing the "SEND JOB" I get an ATH0 outgoing from linux to modem and then a sort of T1 timeout of the spec.

Of course this happens ONLY when trying to send fax from WHCF, and not through sendfax, that works fine.

Can you please help me?!


TiscaliNet, libero accesso ad Internet.

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