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[hylafax-users] Broadcast faxing

Hi all,

I've created a simple script to do broadcast faxing, the meat of it is

    # set variable containing the recipient's name and fax number to the
first line of the "names" file
    NAME=`sed -n '1p' < names`

    # record the current recipient
    echo $NAME

    # send the fax to the recipient
    sendfax -w  -c "This would be any comments desired" -r "This would be
the te
xt placed in the Re: box" -d "`echo $NAME`" message -f "This would be who
the fa
x was from" -T 2

    # delete the first line of the "names" file
    sed 1,1D < names > new_names
    mv new_names names

It takes the first line of the file "names", assigns it to a variable, then
uses that variable with sendfax.  Right now my faxserver only has one modem,
so I've used the w flag with sendfax.  However, if I add more modems, should
I remove the w flag?  Will sendfax automatically use the next available
modem?  I've tested this script with a small broadcast of 20 recipients and
there were no problems.  Asking for opinions here, is this script robust
enough to do 1000+ recipients?  How many modems should I reasonably expect
to need with that kind of volume?

FYI, I'm running the latest version of Hylafax on RedHat 7.



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