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[hylafax-users] Some fax machines cannot connect with my hylafax server

I set up hylafax with Red Hat 7.0 + Hylafax 4.2 rpm package,
    2 faxmodems :
        one class 2.0
        one class 2
Everything is working fine, both sending and receiving, except every little
number of fax machine cannot connect with our servers (both modems are the
same), and got the following log :

Mar 16 14:10:19.12: [23517]: SESSION BEGIN 00000631 my-phone-number-here
Mar 16 14:11:57.35: [23517]: ANSWER: Ring detected without successful
Mar 16 14:11:57.35: [23517]: SESSION END

This is not occasional, this fax machine always fails. And so far, we got 3
places' fax machines cannot connect to ours. One of them is
Sharp FO-165
What's wrong? It seems not the modem's problem, because the two modems are
totally different. Is there any better method to trace the problem, of
course best is get it solved
Best Regards
Jason Kwok

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