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[hylafax-users] Unable to send a fax

As the inevitable newbie, I am trying, and failing, to send a fax:

On my client machine I do;
sendfax -d <faxno> <filename>
where filename is a simple text file.
It responds with
request id is 3 (group id 3) for host <hostname> (1 file)

On my server machine I find in /var/spool/fax 2 files;
q3 and seqf
ps ax reveals that
/usr/sbin/hfaxd -i 4559 -o 4557 -s 444
are running, and in /var/log/hylafax I get;
MAR 15 10:24:02 <hostname> FaxQuerer[205]: SUBMIT JOB 3

After the timeout period I get an error e-mail saying it could not be 
completed before the appointed deadline.  Some of it says;
status: nothing avaliable
dialogs: 0
Dials: 0
Pages: 0
Attempts: 0
There is no error log except the Timeout message.  

I am running Debian potato 2.2r2 which reports
hylafax-server 4.0.2-14
I would prefer to keep with Debian stable if possible.
I did try another machine (with only a class 1 fax instead of 2), but I get:
FaxQuerer[208]: missing ':' seperator in modem specification
I can't find it though.
Any help appreciated.


	Regards from Chris

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