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Re: [hylafax-users] Unable to send a fax

At 01:01 PM 3/16/01 +0000, Christopher Clark wrote:

>I am running Debian potato 2.2r2 which reports
>hylafax-server 4.0.2-14

If I remember correctly, Debian Potato 2.2 uses libtiff-3.5.  And HylaFAX
4.0pl2 doesn't support libtiff-3.5.  So, I think you're encountering the
infamous libtiff-hylafax incompatibility.

>I would prefer to keep with Debian stable if possible.

If you absolutely must... then you need to downgrade your libtiff to 3.4.
But I would highly recommend against it.

>I did try another machine (with only a class 1 fax instead of 2), but I get:
>FaxQuerer[208]: missing ':' seperator in modem specification

Again, this is an issue that has been resolved in newer HylaFAX versions.
Please use 4.1beta3.


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