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Re: [hylafax-users] How can I use DTMF?

At 02:53 PM 3/16/01 +0100, Massimiliano Carta wrote:
>    Hi, how can I use DTMF features for routing fax at  different e-mail,
>using Hylafax?   my O.S. is RH Linux 7.0 on Intel  platform  telephone line
> +39916114678    fax addressed to user 1 phone at #  +39916114678001 and
>routing it at e-mail 001   2 phone at #  +39916114678002 and routing it at
>e-mail 002 ...   regards

There was a posting on hylafax-devel a week ago by "Jay R. Ashworth"
<jra@baylink.com> who was writing about a success in this regard by Andrzej
Szydlo <ans2@aprsystem.com.pl>.

Essentially, the beef of the matter is this:

No, the only required "hack" are changes to bin/faxrcvd script to grep
for "TO:" value in the incoming fax log. The call must be answered after
the first ring, but hylafax has never missed the first ring so far.

Andrzej is using a ZyXEL 2864i ISDN modem.

That's about all of the heresay that I can provide.


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