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Re: [hylafax-users] no local dialtone

At 04:10 PM 3/16/01 +0100, Sven Rassmann wrote:

>But I need to dial a "0" to get a dialtone.
>So i changed "etc/config.ttySxx" and added the line "ModemDialCmd:     

That should do it.

>additionally (!) I added the line
>"^[0-9]{5,}$             = 0,&                   ! add 0 for outside
>to the "/etc/dialrules", but also no effect.

Since 0 is needed for *all* faxes, this is probably better left exclusively
in the config file.  Dialrules tends to be better used for
destination-specific settings.


>what is wrong ?

First of all, upgrade to 4.1beta3.  You could be experiencing libtiff
problems.  What OS are you using?

>(additional: where can i disable the waiting for a dialtone?)

That's a modem AT command.  Look in your modem manual for the Xn value and
then alter ModemDialCmd to read:


where 'n' is the value that is specific to your modem.  ('3' has worked for
me on modems before, but no guarantees.)


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