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Re: [hylafax-users] Access denied

At 03:56 PM 3/17/01 +0100, Puchta, Milos wrote:
>May I have several questions?
>1.  I understand that the users allowed to use fax server are in the hosts
>     In SuSE distribution is it hosts.hfaxd file or should I create one?
>      group membership?)

You've misunderstood.  These are HylaFAX-only users and aren't
cross-referenced to /etc/passwd.  Use 'faxadduser' and 'faxdeluser' to
manage it.

>2.  In any case the root user  is denied by default even if it is active on
>the server?
>     (Error 530 when faxstat -srv is issued).

Just as it should be... it's not cross-referencing with /etc/passwd.

>3.  How can I create the full access for all internal users? Anything like
>              localhost
>               *:*:*:
>      (...does not work for me...)

If your IP is and your subnet is, then use:


in your hosts.hfaxd file.

>4.   The last parameter is encrypted password for admin, where I get one?

That's the best part about 'faxadduser' - it does that for you.

>5.    Should I have a post/e-mail  system configured prior to hylafax client
>       configuration? 

Doesn't matter.


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