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[hylafax-users] Pixels ...not supported

After I had solved the problem of client password partly, namely no
there has been a new one with pixels (Oh too narrow gate for our car ;-)  )

"Client does not support document page width, max remote page width 1728
pixels, image width 1734 pixels."

I have played with printer settings and found that the recommended settting 
"for portability" should(?) be changed for "Encapsulated PostScript
Unfortunately here is an annoying message:
"You are attempting to create a multi-page EPS file. Please print a single
to ensure that EPS output is correct."
The two page output on the remote machine is correct, but will it be for any
of pages?

What do you suggest? (I must admit that I have read only the highest
letters  for indexed "pixels and 1728" from the total 600... and found many
useful ideas, but no key to this problem.)

*)  The Samba on the same server is using encrypted passwords, is there any
     conflict with the password format for fax server?

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