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[hylafax-users] ps2pdf, page size problem

Hi all,

I am quite new to the list so please forgive me if my question has already
been answered but I couldn't find it in the list archives or the faq.

I installed the latest hylafax 4.1 beta 3 rpm for Redhat 7 on a Linux
distribution called E-smith 4.1 which is completely Redhat 7 based. It is
designed to run as a server for Windows/Apple networks and therefore it's
missing many things from standard Redhat 7 like the X-Windows system and
many others. Also no C-compiler or make, etc. (all installation/updates is
done as RPMs).

I installed all required RPM's during the Hylafax installation, went through
the setup and after some days of using I am quite happy so far. (Haven't
done much testing on the sending site through whfc yet).

The only problem that I have at the moment is with the conversion of
incoming faxes into pdf files.
I applied a different version of the "faxrcvd" script (+ a "faxrcvd-mail"
script") which goes through a 2 step conversion of the received tif-files
and e-mails the received fax to a local account:

First it converts them into postscript with "tiff2ps" and second the
resulting postscript file will be converted to pdf through the "ps2pdf"

When I look into the received tif file, this looks perfect to me. I can't
see anything missing on the layout, the whole page looks complete whereby
the resulting pdf file, which I check with Acrobat reader 4.x, looks like
it's missing about 1 cm (?) at the top of each page. Therefore on the first
page there is always the sender's header missing.

For testing purposes I also looked into the postscript file and this looks
still OK to me so I suspect the problem to be with "ps2pdf".
 /usr/bin/ps2pdf $SPOOL/$TRUNCFILE.ps $SPOOL/$TRUNCFILE.pdf ).

I checked and tried all (?) possible command options whether I can change
the size (format) but couldn't get a better result.

Has somebody else seen that and might have any help for me?

Kind Regards,
Michael Doerner

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