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Re: [hylafax-users] ps2pdf, page size problem

At 05:25 PM 3/19/01 +1200, Michael Doerner wrote:

>To be able to open/view the tif files, I applied an Internet Explorer plugin
>which is called "alternatiff" (http://www.mieweb.com/alternatiff/). I don't
>know which other standard applications under Windows would be able to open
>the tif's, IE without that plugin couldn't do it here?

Windows comes with Imaging.  That does a lovely job of this work.  Acrobat
Reader doesn't come with Windows.

>BTW: Here is where I found the various versions (for tif or ps or pdf to
>send via email) of the faxrcvd script:

Yea!  Lots of folks seem to be using them these days.  Just beware that the
way that the scripts were originally constructed intends that archiving is
done on the user's mail client, since it deletes the fax from recvq.  That
will soon change when I get a second to update the page and scripts.

>At http://www.hylafax.org/howto/install.php there are the different
>installation requirements for the various OS or distributions. For Redhat 7
>it tells you the different packages required i.e.. libtiff, ghostscript,
>etc. The last in the row mentioned there is "libgr-devel-2.0.13 or better"
>and the remark there for RH7 says:
>" * on RedHat 7.0 the applicable packages are named nebpbm instead of
>I couldn't find any nebpbm but instead I found netpbm which I believe is
>just a misspelling there. More important for me is the question where this
>package is used/needed for since I didn't come across an obvious
>requirement? So I still haven't applied a "netpbm" RPM on the machine. Could
>that be part of my problem (I doubt)?

You point out well why I need to update that page (others have, too).  Yes,
it is a misspelling, and the reason that I have netbpm listed is because it
is required to build/compile libtiff, I believe.  Anyway, the fact of the
matter is that it is not needed, per se, for HylaFAX installation.  And,
really you only need to make sure that you have libtiff, Ghostscript,
sendmail (or compatible), and gawk installed (and if you use the
faxrcvd-mail scripts, then also metamail).


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