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Re: [hylafax-users] ps2pdf, page size problem; solved

> > Is there an easier way to achieve that?
> No, not really.  If you want to take AcroRead as a given, then it would
> probably be easier, from a deployment standpoint.  I don't think
> acroread's penetration is as high as I think you think it is.
> Imaging should read those attachments, too, though, I'd expect.  No?


many thanks for your time and your help. I must have been (a bit?) stupid.
I didn't know enough about tif format and Imaging as Windows own default
application for that (shame).

Here on my testing machine there is an "Adobe Photo deluxe business edition"
installed which takes ownership of tif files since it's installation. It was
not able to open the received faxes as tifs so I didn't even test Imaging. I
took it for granted that Imaging also wouldn't be able to open these tifs
(shame again).

I now use the faxrcvd script that emails the received fax with an attached
tif format and modified it a bit so that it still keeps a copy of the tif
file in the recvq instead of deleting it. So I can archive on the server.

I am happy with that result. Thanks again for your help!


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