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Re: [hylafax-users] 2 sample problems

kenia.leite@polopneus.com.br writes:

>    1.  How to hide and/or change the header of faxes sended with "From", "To",
>      "Subject" and "Date" lines.

See man (1) faxmail, look for X-FAX-Header

>    2.  (more important and urgent) How to send a html format mail as the
>      example below, witch content images, tables and other html formatted
>      parts. I try to send any times but the result sended is the html code and
>      a message saying that the images are DISCARDED after the html code.
>      It is a html table with 2x2 dimensions. It have a line header (Column 1/
>      Column 2) and a second line with 2 images on each column. The image don't
>      apears in the fax transmited.

Convert your html page with html2ps and your images to eps. Attach it to a mail as
Application Postscript, without further body in your mail.


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