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Re: [hylafax-users] modem does not disconnect

At 01:44 PM 3/19/01 -0500, del wrote:
>Here is what was written to the log file by HylaFax...
>Mar 18 23:42:01 mail FaxGetty[2418]: MODEM U.S. ROBOTICS 56K FAX /
>Mar 18 23:43:00 mail CROND[2596]: (mailman) CMD (/usr/bin/python -S 
>Mar 18 23:43:10 mail FaxQueuer[2608]: HylaFAX (tm) Version 4.1beta3
>Mar 18 23:43:10 mail FaxQueuer[2608]: Copyright (c) 1990-1996 Sam Leffler
>Mar 18 23:43:10 mail FaxQueuer[2608]: Copyright (c) 1991-1996 Silicon 
>Graphics, Inc.
>Mar 18 23:43:10 mail FaxGetty[2418]: HELLO
>Mar 18 23:43:10 mail hylafax: faxq startup succeeded
>Mar 18 23:43:10 mail HylaFAX[2618]: HylaFAX INET Protocol Server: restarted.
>Mar 18 23:43:10 mail hylafax: hfaxd startup succeeded
>Mar 18 23:44:50 mail FaxGetty[2418]: ANSWER: FAX CONNECTION
>that is all of the info that was written to the logfile...as i have stated 
>again, the line just stays open and the xmitting fax machine reports input 

Wrong log file.  Look in /var/spool/fax/log

>>If you're talking about never getting a dial-tone on the phone line again,
>>then something's wrong.
>yes, when i try to resend a fax from another machine, it reports a time

Either the modem is bad, the fax class you're using isn't good, or the
config file is wrong.  Given that you're using a USR 56K and 4.1beta3, I'd
say that you need to switch from Class 2.0 to Class 1.


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