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Re: [hylafax-users] howto check whether RTNHandlingMethod is set to a certain value?

At 11:43 PM 3/19/01 +0100, Bernd Proissl wrote:
>from a quick fgrep through the sources i cannot see that the value
>is written to some log. Is this correct? 
>Is there an easy way to check the current value?

-=-=-=- faxd/ModemConfig.c++, line 487 -=-=-=-
ModemConfig::getRTNHandling(const char* cp)
    RTNHandling rh;
    if (!findRTNHandling(cp, rh)) {
        configError("Unknown RTN handling method \"%s\", using RETRANSMIT",
        rh = FaxModem::RTN_RETRANSMIT;   // default
    return (rh);

RETRANSMIT is the default, if not specified in the config file.

There is a section in 'man config' on this that Dmitry put there.


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