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Re: [hylafax-users] HylaFax does not disable copy quality checking by modem

At 12:22 PM 3/20/01 +0300, Vyacheslav Frolov wrote:

I use ZyXEL U1496E  V 6.18 P with config zyxel-1496e-2.0
>It seems that HylaFax expect that by default modem does not check copy
quality but
>Mar 15 18:19:23.14: [10740]: --> [5:ERROR]
>I fixed that by
>Class2Cmd:              AT+FCLASS=2.0;+FCQ=0,0
>but it seems that HylaFax (itself) should issue AT+FCQ=0,0 when
>"MODEM Supports 1D+2D copy quality checking (but not enabled)"
>BTW: ZyXEL U336RE V 1.18 has the same issue.

I don't know what the following code does exactly, but it appears that
HylaFAX detects the modem's capabilities properly, but doesn't know what to
do with them because
FaxModem::parseRange(s, modemCQ) fails...  (where is parseRange() defined

-=-=-=-=-=-= line 104 faxd/Class2.c++ -=-=-====-=-=-=-=-=-
     * Check to see if the modem supports copy quality checking.
     * If the modem is capable, then enable it using the configured
     * commands.  If the modem is incapable of doing copy quality
     * checking, then the host will do the work.
    cqCmds = "";
    if (doQuery(conf.class2CQQueryCmd, s) && FaxModem::parseRange(s,
modemCQ)) {
        if (modemCQ >>= 1)
            cqCmds = conf.class2CQCmd;
    } else
        modemCQ = 0;
    static const char* whatCQ[4] = { "no", "1D", "2D", "1D+2D" };
    modemSupports("%s copy quality checking%s", whatCQ[modemCQ&3],
        (modemCQ && cqCmds == "" ? " (but not enabled)" : ""));
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- line 118 faxd/Class2.c++ -=-==--==-=

I'd say that you'd be better off fixing this so that HylaFAX can use copy
quality checking rather than assisting it in disabling the feature.


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