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Re: [hylafax-users] How to hold fax?

Lee Howard wrote:

> >  I'm using HylaFax under RedHat 7.0. Everything is ok, but i need to
> >configure HylaFax to send one special fax (2 pages) to everybody who
> >calls to me. I know how to use HylaFax to call and to send fax but i
> >don't know how to answer calls and send the fax.
> The big question is how do you determine what the remote *fax* number is
> (let alone the remote number calling)?
> Normally this is done via some "press 1 to get our fax... dial your fax
> number now..." system which takes the information via touch-tone entry...
> HylaFAX doesn't do this, but *can* send the fax very well once the number
> is obtained.

  So you mean, that HylaFAX can't send fax in case of incoming call. HylaFAX
can *only* send fax at specific fax number...
  As a matter of fact, every day we send hundred the same faxes when clients
called to us. And it would be the great solution to make automatic fax
server... I don't think that "dial your fax number now" is convenient for the
clients... Any other ideas? Perhaps, other software? Mgetty+sendfax?

Буртовой Андрей

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