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[hylafax-users] Printing a word document. Really cool windows client for Hylafax

Dear users,

I have hylafax-4.1 running on my server which works just fine with
sendfax command as well as with sendmail configuration where people can
send faxes as mails through their mail clients.
I was using WHFC which works fine in WINDOWS machine but was not able to
get connected to the server via the ppp connection so i downloaded a
package called Cypheus from the Hylafax link page.
It got connected via ppp after little tweaking here and there. I can
also send faxes from there the Look and feel of Cypheus is really good
and for windows users it works fine as it looks more or less like
outlook express.
I have configured the printer for Cypheus on RPT port as mentioned in
the document and also choosen the AppleLaserwriter printer as mentioned
but it does not seem to work.
When i send a word document to print to that Apple Printer it opens the
Cypheus program just like it has to work and i am also able to send the
fax to the server after it converts into the postscript format.
The problem though is that the fax does not go out of the server. After
reading through the documentation and going through the mailing list the
problem i found might be in the drivers choosen for the printer and as
suggested  i have also used the HP4/4 drivers and done some R&D with
other drivers but it does not seem to work.

Can someonre please help here as i don't not know what more canm i do
here in windows machine.


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