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[hylafax-users] smbfax and windows 2000

I'm currently working on getting an smbfax/hylafax system up and working,
and have done quite a bit of tweaking on the smbfax package to get it to
function as I would like.  The problem is, the system works great for all of
the Win9X clients that I've tried it from, but I am unable to get the
Win2000 clients to print to it correctly.  Whenever I print a document to
the share, I end up getting up to five e-mails back telling me to complete
my fax.  It seems that the Win2000 client is sending the job numberous
times.  I've tinkered with the driver settings on the Win2000 client with no

Relevant info:	OS:  		Redhat 6.2
		Hylafax:		4.1beta3
		Samba:		2.0.6  in Security=DOMAIN mode
		Printer driver being used is the HP Laserjet 5P/5MP

I've searched high and low for anybody else who has had this problem with no
luck, this list seems to be my last hope.  


Eli Katzenmeyer
EnChem, Inc.

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