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Re: [hylafax-users] smbfax and windows 2000

At 01:04 PM 3/22/01 -0600, Katzenmeyer, Eli wrote:
>I'm currently working on getting an smbfax/hylafax system up and working,
>and have done quite a bit of tweaking on the smbfax package to get it to
>function as I would like.  The problem is, the system works great for all of
>the Win9X clients that I've tried it from, but I am unable to get the
>Win2000 clients to print to it correctly.  Whenever I print a document to
>the share, I end up getting up to five e-mails back telling me to complete
>my fax.  It seems that the Win2000 client is sending the job numberous
>times.  I've tinkered with the driver settings on the Win2000 client with no
>Relevant info:	OS:  		Redhat 6.2
>		Hylafax:		4.1beta3
>		Samba:		2.0.6  in Security=DOMAIN mode
>		Printer driver being used is the HP Laserjet 5P/5MP
>I've searched high and low for anybody else who has had this problem with no
>luck, this list seems to be my last hope.  

From what I recall, that's a Samba problem.  Upgrade to 2.0.7 (as you
should have already from the errata).  I print to Samba shares (Domain, HP
LJ 6L) from Win 2000 systems all the time (not fax, though).


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