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[hylafax-users] RelayFax 4.0 client support

Happy to report that no changes to the RelayFax procmail recipes are
necessary to support the new RelayFax 4.0 client or its features, unlike
the 2.x -> 3.x upgrade.  (Apparently most of the changes were server-side.)

For what it's worth, I do plan on altering the recipes to support more
dynamic information on the coverpage ("from" information), which is
configurable in the client properties section, once the faxcover "from"
patch hung on Bug 81 gets applied to CVS.

For the benefit of those who will find this message in the archives looking
for help... note that the recipes use metamail and require that the systems
"faxing account" where the recipes are placed needs to use sh/bash as its
shell.  (That last bit will be added to the HOWTO soon...)

Note that pdf2ps on my Ghostscript version 5.50 blackens some embedded
images during the conversion process (pdf2ps bug?) and aligns the image
with the bottom of the page rather than the top.  Since sendfax uses pdf2ps
and these RelayFax recipes use sendfax... if you attach a PDF image file to
the fax and it has embedded images you could have this symptom.  The
internal Ghostscript PDF -> PS conversion doesn't suffer from this problem,
and reports say that newer versions of pdf2ps don't have this problem,
either - but I have yet to confirm this.


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