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Re: [hylafax-users] Problems with whfc (and Cypheus) on Win2k Server

Hello Michael,
>I haven't tried a Win2k machine yet but I am running whfc on NT 4.0
>workstation (SP6) fine, no lockups here. It's whfc version 1.0.8 but at
>least 1.0.7 I also tried before and this seemed to be OK.

I used 1.0.8; the NT was SP5 and the Win2k servers were out-of-the-box
except of one which was SP1. 

>Just an idea:
>Do we know which dll files come with whfc?
>I would check each of those in it's final directory and check whether it has
>at least sufficient read permission if it is an  NTFS partition.

As I installed and tested as Administrator I would assume that the read
persissions are all right, but I will check that when I get back to the

I installed the Programm under D:\PROGRAMME\WHFC - i.e. not on the
system drive - by the way. 

Kasi Mir

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