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[hylafax-users] [hylafax-users]Fax transfer error or TIFF file is corrupted

Hello everybody!

May be, You will tell to me  solution.

I am using HylaFAX  and Red Hat Linux 5.2 on my server. I have modem Zyxel U1496E+.
When I am working in Internet,  the modem's  work  is fine.
But when I want to receive  the fax, modem do not work!
Transfer is beginning, run,run, and ... error!!! The connection is dead.
I run the programm faxaddmodem, and set
the parameter PercentGoodLines equal 0, 
the parameter MaxConsecutiveBadLines    equal 100. 
So, I can to receive any fax! 
But! All faxes,  received as TIFF files, is corrupted! 
Kodak Image Viewer can't to read it. There is some error in 
process transferring the information. 

Do You can help me? What I made incorrect?

Note. The TIFF-viewer of Windows ( we are using win-clients) this files read without
message of error, but I see - the picture is distorted.

Best regards,
 Pliev                          mailto:pliev@online.ru

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