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Re: [hylafax-users] installing viewer for redhat

Richard schrieb:
> When I try:
> I get:
> error: failed dependencies:
>  gnome-libs >= 1.2.3 is needed by ghfaxviewer-0.10-1
>  libasound.so.1 is needed by ghfaxviewer-0.10-1
>  libdb2.so.2 is needed by ghfaxviewer-0.10-1
> [root@leader:/home/richard]#
> Can someone tell me what these two packages are?  Do I really need them
> to view faxes with Redhat?  If yes where can I get them?  Is there an
> easier way to view received faxes with Redhat.  I appreciate the help
> thus far.  Sorry I am such a newbie.
> Richard
why installing a special faxviewer. the image magick paket should be
installed in your system. try :
[root@leader:/home/richard]# ee
(for electric eyes)
you can look at nearly every graphics format with the image magick paket


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