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Re: [hylafax-users] how to restrict the transmit speed?

Vyacheslav Frolov schrieb:
> Hi,
> Does anybody know how to restrict the transmit speed  for some destination phone numbers?
> I tried that as suggested in DESTCTRLS(5F):
> [+][^1]    DesiredBR=9600
> but it adds "-c desiredbr:9600" to faxsend and has no other effect:
> Mar 27 15:43:42 fax FaxQueuer[9118]: JOB 85 (active dest +70953474 pri 127 tts 0:00 killtime
> 2:59:00): CMD START /home/frolov/hylafax.bin/sbin/faxsend -c desiredbr:9600 -m ttyD13 sendq/q85 (PID
> 9434)
> Thanks,
> Vyacheslav.
edit the configuration file for the destination in /info

look for a row like maxSignallingRate:"14400"

change it to your wanted value and at an ampersand (&) in the first
column of that row

you could also add all wanted dests in a separate file in /etc e.g.
and add a row for each dest in that file:
497880599 maxSignallingRate = 2400

you have to tell hylafax to use this file in /etc/config
add a row like:
DestControls:           "etc/send_rules"
in that file


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