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Re: [hylafax-users] using two modem switching automatically

At 10:23 AM 3/28/01 +0000, Fabrice Cartron wrote:
>Hey every body,
>Here in France there is a lot of problem with differents
>class of modem.
>I have a Hylafax server with two modems for sending fax.
>One is configured in class 1 and the other in class 2.
>I would to active a switching system, like this.
>I send a fax, first there a try from the class 2 modem,
>and if there is a problem of communication, then the fax
>is switching to the class 1 modem.
>Is there somebody who have since do that?

I have thought about attempting this several times, but I have problems so
infrequently that I haven't yet bothered.  But... I've thought about adding
some code to the notify script to do whatever is necessary to "switch"
either the failed job or all jobs to the next modem.  This gets a bit
complicated, though, when the same phone line is connected to both modems.


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