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Re: [hylafax-users] Problem with dialcom modem

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Jay R. Ashworth wrote:

> Well, we'd hate to feel like murderers...

You are great man, you have saved my life! ;-) You are a real GURU!

> I'll bet *cash* the problem is flowcontrol.  

You won. But I still do not understand lots of things. E.g. if I include
only the line

ModemAnswerFaxBeginCmd: "<xon>"

and I do not change anything else, then nothing happens. But if I change
the general flow control to xonxoff

ModemFlowControl:       xonxoff

then it works. I am not a modem expert, but as far as I know in case of
data connections, it is advisable to use crtcts, am I right? But this
setup uses xonxoff all the time, does it? How could I config then the
hylafax to swith to crtcts in case of data connections?

The second strange thing in my eyes is the &K commands of the modem. These
are the following:

 &K0 disable flow control -> nothing extreme 
 &K3 bidirectional hardware flow control (crtcts) -> I understand this 
 &K4 software flow control (xonxoff) -> it is clear 
 &K5 transparent (modem-modem) xonxoff software flow control --> ???? <--+
 &K6 bidirectional hardware (crtcts) and software (xonxoff) flow control-+

Could I make use of the latter two? If yes, then how?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,
				Gábor Jeney

----------- Gabor Jeney PhD. student ----------
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Dep. of Telecommunications -- Mobile Comm. Lab.

ps. I send you the money you won soon. ;-)

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