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[hylafax-users] email confirmations


I've been trying to configure a hylafax fax server when time permits
(rarely) and am having some success.  

The general flow should be this -

1 - a user on our VMS host application prints a report to a file.  The file
name contains a destination fax number and the users exchange email address
2 - a background process parses the file name and creates a cover sheet out
of it then concats the cover sheet onto the report file
3 - background process prints the massaged fax file to an LPR queue on VMS
that is pointing at a LPD faxqueue on RH6.2
4 - input filter on faxqueue parses fax-num and sender email address then
performs a "sendfax -f ${exchange} -d ${FAXNUM} ${FAXFILE}"

I've gotten the samba queue to correctly pull the fax numbers and send it
off but I've two main problems now.  

Foremost is that sendfax doesn't seem to send a confirmation email outside
the localhost.  EG if I use the following command...

"sendfax -f  rwilmes -d 8375699 /etc/passwd" then I do get a confirmation
email in my mailbox on the linux box

but if I use this command...

" sendfax -f rwilmes@facey.com -d 8375699 /etc/passwd" the password file I
DO NOT get a confirmation email in my exchange box.

I configured sendmail to forward all outside email to our exchange server
and this works.  I can send an email using pine from my linux account to my
exchange account.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?  

FYI, The other problem is that I still have yet to figure out the awk
command to parse out the email address off the cover page and stick it into
the sendfax line, but I imagine that question is destined for a different


Rusty Wilmes
Systems Manager
Facey Medical Foundation
Work 	818.837.5665
Page	818.603.3293
Email	rwilmes@facey.com

"It is best to assume that the network is filled with malevolent entities
that will send packets designed to have the worst possible effect."
					- F.Baker, RFC1812

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