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Re: [hylafax-users] email confirmations

At 11:26 AM 3/28/01 -0800, Wilmes, Rusty wrote:

>Foremost is that sendfax doesn't seem to send a confirmation email outside
>the localhost.  EG if I use the following command...
>"sendfax -f  rwilmes -d 8375699 /etc/passwd" then I do get a confirmation
>email in my mailbox on the linux box

I doubt that.  I'll bet that you're using the -R option also, like this:
sendfax -f rwilmes -R -d 8375699 /etc/passwd

>but if I use this command...
>" sendfax -f rwilmes@facey.com -d 8375699 /etc/passwd" the password file I
>DO NOT get a confirmation email in my exchange box.

Because that's what this command is telling it to [not] do.  Try:
sendfax -f rwilmes@facey.com -R -d 8375699 /etc/passwd

       -R          Enable  notification  by  electronic mail when
                   the facsimile has been delivered and  when  it
                   is  requeued  for  retransmission.  By default
                   HylaFAX will  notify  the  submitter  only  if
                   there is a problem with a job.


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